Nancy Scott Hanway


New Millennium Writings Flash Fiction Award, 2017, Honorable Mention.
Oklahoma Federation of Writers Poetry Award, 2017, Second Place.
Grand Prizer Winner, Serendipity Lit's YA Discovery Contest, 2016.
Gertrude Stein Award for Short Fiction. Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, 2015 Second Place.
McKnight Fellowship for Writers in Creative Prose, 2015, Finalist.
Loft Mentorship Award, 2015, Finalist.
GlimmerTrain Very Short Fiction Award, June 2015, Honorable Mention, Top 25.
New Millennium Writings Short-short Fiction Award, 2015, Honorable Mention.
Curt Johnson Prose Award, december magazine, 2014, Finalist.
Press 53 Award for Short Fiction, 2014, Finalist.
Bacopa Literary Review fiction contest. 2014, Third Place.


"Jack and Jackie." Washington Square Review. Forthcoming.
"The Mooring Field." Diverse Arts Project. Winter 2017.
Underside.” Crack the Spine 183. 2016
Fluke.” Limestone. Fall 2015. 
Close to the Water.” Diverse Voices Quarterly. June 2015.
“Anamnesis.” WomenArts Quarterly. 2015.
“Naked Swimmer.” Rubbertop Review. 2015.
Arguments about Dead Things.” Inertia 132015.
“Natural Selection.” Bacopa Literary Review2014. (3rd place in Bacopa Literary Review fiction contest.)
“The Red Car.” Willow Review. 2014.
“McTheft.” Shark Reef. Winter 2014.
“Reader, I Divorced Him.” Amarillo Bay. November 2013.
“The Importance of Dead Girls.” Southern Indiana Review. Fall 2013.
“The Crush.” Grey Sparrow. Winter 2013.
“Wake to Sleep.” PMS poemmemoirstory 12. Winter 2013.
“Three Stories at Dinner.” Pearl. 46. Summer 2012.
“The Odds.” Conte (workshop). August 2012.
“Christmas Report: A Season of Many Dangers.”
 Forge 2012.
“Confessions of a Medical Shopaholic.” Main Street Rag. Fall 2008.
“Names.” Southern Humanities Review. 2007.
“Driving the Slum.” Primavera. Spring 2004.
“Thin and Underground.” Willow Review. 2003.
“The Causes of Things.” North Dakota Quarterly 68:4. Fall 2002.
“Behind the Metal.” The Florida Review. Summer 2001.
“The Criminal Gene.” Apalachee Review. Fall 2001. (Nominated for Best American Mystery Stories.)
“The Death Collection.” Washington Square. Winter 2000-2001.
“Paradise Place.” The Portland Review 48:3. Summer 2000.

Creative Nonfiction

“Real Mickey.” Lowestoft Chronicle. June 2015.
“Corgi on the Cat.” Catboat Association Journal. Winter 2011-12.

Essays & Articles

7 Hazards of the Campus Interview.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. January 26, 2015.
A Foot in the Door at a Small College: What You Need to Know about the Conference Interview.”  The Chronicle of Higher Education. December 15, 2014.
How to Land a Job at a Small College.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. July 25, 2010.